The Bashir Group is a long-standing name in fine fabric merchandising, founded in Pakistan right after its inception in 1950 by Muhammad Bashir Bhatti. The time-honored business is trusted by generations of connoisseurs of our community with a keen eye for quality, taking form of a legacy passed down from father to son. The group now helmed by the third generation of the founding family, continues to provide quality fabric with unparalleled excellence and expertise in the field. 


The Bashir Group’s repertoire includes the most detailed and variated range of fabrics when it comes to local and international brands. Our corporation holds distribution and exclusivity rights for many renowned global brands. We are also the established distributors of men’s fabric for all leading local brands, as well as the pioneers of importing men’s fabric from England and Italy to Pakistan. Our product range includes refined fabrics for many varieties of menswear; ranging from shalwar kameez, jackets and waistcoats to suits. We are renowned specialists in woollen fabric and curate the kind of cloth that features the most sophisticated and advanced techniques in weave and design. 


The Bashir Group’s strong retail base in Lahore dates back to its foundation and continues to flourish through Bashir Sons. Bashir Sons serves as our primary brand that has been purveying fine fabric for over seven decades for patrons of the city. The name is practically ingrained in its cultural fabric as an icon of quality, class and commitment.


We currently operate through wholesale offices in both Lahore and Karachi; Bhatti Fabrics and Bashir Brother located in the former and Bism in the latter, respectively. Our wholesale network is weaved all across the country with a clientele that extends to other South Asian regions as well as the Middle East.


Taking the company forward, we introduced our ready-to-wear line by the name of Peru in 2000 with outlets launched in Lahore and Karachi. In keeping up with the times, we also recently installed an in-house stitching unit to produce our own ready to wear line.  


The Bashir Group aims to continue delivering world standards in quality fabric to their committed clientele. The idea is to keep evolving and engaging with the consumer to the best of our ability and responsibility as an esteemed enterprise. Ranked as one of Asia’s top cloth merchants, we take pride in our hard-earned status and are committed to operating our business capably and sincerely.